Could GBP/USD drop below 1.21?

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Taking a gander at GBPUSD Chart, we can see that after a major run from around 1.20 to 1.24, it begins dropping to the ongoing degree of 1.2180. Today we could anticipate that it should test its help level at around 1.21 and in the event that ready to hold rate above level, we ought to expect a vertical bob in any case it is feasible to see it testing once more its most reduced level for the year at around 1.20.

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Nafees Saifi // entrepreneur, author, trainer, and stocks and FX trader. 
Nafees Saifi is a professional FX trader from, India. Nafees has extensive experience trading commodities, bonds, and equity futures in the Asian, European, and US markets. Nafees holds a Bachelor of Finance and Economics degree and is focused heavily on Investment Finance and Quantitative Analysis.


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