Technical Analysis Course

Categories: Forex
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About Course

About this course

The goal of this technical analysis course is to attempt to predict the future movements of an asset based on its historic price behavior.

It is based on the principle that prices, at all times, reflect all the relevant information needed to make sound trading decisions. Therefore, technical analysts, more often than not, refrain completely from using fundamental or economic data of any sort. Price patterns, they argue, are first, reliable indicators of future prices, and secondly, universal: they repeat themselves in all markets and all time frames over again.

Course Content

Japanese Candlesticks – The only chart type you need

  • 1. How to read Japanese candlestick charts
  • 2. Technical analysis using Japanese candlesticks
  • 3. Single candlestick patterns
  • 4. Doji candlestick patterns
  • 5. Engulfing patterns and tweezers
  • 6. Triple candlestick patterns: morning and evening star
  • 7. Triple candlestick patterns: three inside up & three inside down
  • 8. Triple candlestick patterns: three soldiers and crows

Basic of Chart Analysis

Basic of Chart Patterns