EUR/USD to exchange out something like a 1.0700-1.0900 territory this month – ING

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EUR/USD broke lower again on Monday. Financial experts at ING investigate the pair’s viewpoint.

Support at the 1.0715/1.0725 area.

EUR/USD presently has support at the 1.0715/1.0725 area.

EUR inferred volatilities are remaining very low and recommend the market isn’t planning for a significant break out. We concur and think this will be all the more an instance of EUR/USD exchanging out something like a 1.0700-1.0900 territory this month instead of pushing down to 1.0500.

EUR/USD will be more agreeable in a 1.0400 to 1.1200 territory than at levels nearer to 1.2000 – Rabobank

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