Commerzbank expects the EUR/USD to finish the year at 1.1200.

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The EUR/USD pair ought to drift higher before very long. Notwithstanding, the Euro is probably going to lose ground again in the last part of the year, market analysts at Commerzbank report.

Break high in 2024?

In 2024, the Euro should be able to gain ground on the US dollar. We anticipate EUR/USD to end the year at 1.1200.

The recovery is likely to be primarily driven by a weaker US Dollar, which is likely to suffer from the anticipated cuts in US interest rates just as it has benefited from increases in interest rates in the past.

Towards the finish of the estimate skyline, nonetheless, we anticipate that the EUR should debilitate tolerably once more assuming expansion in the Eurozone is seen as a relentless peculiarity. In addition, the Euro is only expected to reach an interim high due to structural issues in the Eurozone over the medium term.

EUR/USD – Mar-24 1.1200 Jun-24 1.1500 Sep-24 1.1400 Dec-24 1.1200 Mar-25 1.1200 Jun-25 1.1100

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