XAU/USD standpoint: Gold remaining parts upheld however bulls need break of significant boundary to continue

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Spot gold recovered foothold and rose on Friday, following a shallow dunk in beyond two days. Close term activity has laid out above 200DMA that adds to bullish close term predisposition, but it is as yet running between 200DMA ($1839) and $1867 (Fibo 38.2% of $1998/$1786).

The metal is on target for the second sequential bullish week after week close, expanded by more fragile dollar that adds to positive close term tone.

Arrangement of 10/200DMA brilliant cross and rising 14-d force arising into a positive area, support the activity, however bulls need affirmation on supported break above $1867 turn that will flag bullish continuation and uncover targets $1886/92 (100DMA/half retracement of $1998/$1786) and mental $1900 hindrance.

Res: 1867; 1874; 1886; 1892.
Sup: 1848; 1839; 1836; 1810.

Interested in XAU/USD technicals? Check out the key levels

  1. R31869.86
  2. R21862.13
  3. R11856.46


  1. S11843.06
  2. S21835.33
  3. S31829.66

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